Frogs and throwbars can be ordered separately to make up your own switches. The #4 and #6 frogs and the throwbar are made in Delrin, while the #8 and #10 frogs can be brass or stainless 

FROG 4                         $4.85
FROG 6                         $5.25
FROG 8 brass               $14.98
FROG 8 stainless          $21.00
FROG 10 brass              $18.49
FROG 10 stainless         $24.00
THROWBAR                  $2.25

Metal frog


This is used to change polarity on the frog of the #8 and #10 switches for track power, as these switches have metal frogs. Includes mounting plate as shown.

MICROSWITCH            $12.00

Sunset Valley Railroad LLC

Instructions for using the railbender
Set up the bender in a vise with 6 ft clearance each side. Unscrew the adjustment handle a couple of turns to loosen the rollers apart. Insert the rail UPSIDE DOWN in the rollers and tighten the adjustment handle so that the rail is held snugly between the three rollers, and the rail flange is flush in the top groove of the rollers. Turn the main handle, and the rail should run through the railbender. Tighten up the adjustment handle and run the rail back and forth until the desired radius is made. Both inside and outside rails of a curve can be run at the same setting, the rail is flexible enough to bend to both.


Rather than bending rail by hand, we strongly recommend our rail bender. This produces a beautiful consistent curve in the rail, even at the ends. Your trains will run smoothly through curves. The radius can be varied from infinite to 2 ft. We supply benders both for our 250 rail and for 332 rail such as LGB and Aristocraft. We sell spare wheels for code 250. Please note - we do not recommend the Dual Rail benders on the market, these will put stress on the ties and spike details which may break as you bend the track.

RAIL BEN 250                $85.00
RAIL BEN  332               $85.00
WHEELS 250                 $30.00, (special order)

Tail rails


For the home track builder. Blackened stainless steel formed to the correct spike head detail. 9/16" long overall, 1/2" under the head. Approximately 1000 per 4 oz packet.

Packet of SPIKES    $23.95