For the home track builder. Blackened stainless steel formed to the correct spike head detail. 9/16" long overall, 1/2" under the head. Approximately 1000 per 4 oz packet.

Packet of SPIKES    $23.95


Makes a smooth consistant curve right to the end of the rail. Put the rail upside down between the rolls and turn the handle to feed it through the roller. The radius is adjusted by the knob at the back, which pulls the wheels in to make a tigher radius. Wheels can be removed to enable either our code 250 rail or the popular code 332 rail to be bent.

  Railben 250 $85.00

  Railben 332  $85.00

​Spare wheels, code 250 or 332, $30.00


Frogs and throwbars can be ordered separately to make up your own switches. The #4 and #6 frogs and the throwbar are made in Delrin, while the #8 and #10 frogs can be brass or stainless 

FROG 4                         $4.85
FROG 6                         $5.25
FROG 8 brass               $14.98
FROG 8 stainless          $21.00
FROG 10 brass              $18.49

THROWBAR                  $2.25

Sunset Valley Railroad