Sheep wagon GW grey   $90

The following A4's are not yet in stock. Please indicate your interest for a pre-order


I.O.M. 'Pairs' coach, Brake Composite -15    $255, I.O.M 'Pairs' coach 3rd  -16    $255, I.O.M 'Pairs' coach Composite -17   $255

R32 11AA BR Mk 1 2nd class/brake Corridor (BSK) Maroon $270.  Also 11BA Carmine and Cream , 11CA Chocolate and Cream, 11DA Green

R32-3 (1:32 scale)

14 ton Oil Tanker - Shell  $95

14 ton Oil Tanker - BP $95

14 ton Oil Tanker - Esso $95

S20.1R Mannin Red. Also -1G Green

Specs : - Gas fired, 2 cylinders, Pressure gauge, Water check valve, 1:20.3 scale. 45 mm gauge . 39" radius minimum curve. 15.6" long x 4.2" wide x 5.8" high.

One green steam in stock  $1950

One red electric in stock$1650

S78-3R Bagnall Red.

Also -3BU Blue, -3B Black

7/8ths scale live steam 


R32-2 (1:32 scale)

16 ton steel mineral wagon BR Grey  $90

R19-14A W&L Composite brake, Chocolate and Cream $240.  Also -13G Green and Cream

R19-2 Goods van SR brown   $80 ​Goods van L&B grey   $80

R19-1B , 4 different numbers

Open wagon SR brown   $70

Also, similar R19-3 W&L grey, and GW grey 

Sxx. LNER A4 in Garter Blue. Also Sxx BR A4 in Brunswick Green

Also -26BU blue, -26G green, -26R red 

Specs : - Gas fired, 2 cylinders, Pressure gauge, water gauge 1:32 scale. 45  gauge. $3690

R32-1 (1:32 scale)

RCH standard 7 plank wagon GWR grey    $90

RCH standard 7 plank wagon LMS grey $90

RCH standard 7 plank wagon BR bauxite    $90 

RCH standard 7 plank wagon SR brown   $90

RCH standard 7 plank wagon BR Grey  $90


Bogie goods wagon L&B grey   $110


Bogie brake van L&B grey   $110

Bogie brake van SR brown   $110

R19-13A W&L Saloon, Chocolate and Cream $240.  Also -13G Green and Cream

S32-12A Tornado BR Apple Green (blue shown) 

Specs : - Gas fired, 2 cylinders, Pressure gauge, Water gauge, Axle and Tender pumps, 1:32 scale. 8ft radius minimum curve. 29.5" long x 3.5" wide x 5" high. Shipping April 2015  $4198

Sunset Valley Railroad LLC

R32 10AA BR Mk 1 Second class Corridor (SK) Maroon $270.  Also 10DA Green 

R19-4 Flat wagon W&L light grey   $75,  ​Flat wagon GW dark grey   $75

Sunset Valley is pleased to represent Accucraft International trains, including British, European and Australian locomotives and rolling stock.  

USA and Canadian sales only.

All the items listed below are IN STOCK

S32-6 Black Five LMS 45080 electric, also E32-7 45010. $1660