Mikado 1:32 scale, heavy and light versions

S32-15XX Adams radial tank  

JM101X, CIWL sleeper train car (Orient Express and Train Bleu) 

AL34 371, streamlined US passenger cars, available in several types and liveries

45 ton Whitcomb

​​​Sunset Valley is  proud to be a US and Canada dealer for the full range of Accucraft and the new range of Aster/Accucraft joint venture locomotives, and will assist you technically if you choose to buy and assemble a kit. We offer competitive pricing, please call if you are interested in a particular model. Aster models have an AST part number

AM32-5XX Box car, available in several liveries 

D&RGW C-25 

GWR 43XX  Available in several liveries, in built up versions

D&RGW #50

R32-10XX, Br Mk 1 coaches, available in four liveries and four types

For those who have built Aster kits before, the new kits are identical to the old. Same instructions, same way of packaging parts etc.

For those who want to build a kit for the first time, this is a very satisfying project to build. All parts are finished, painted, holes drilled and tapped, so it is just a matter of assembly. Having said that, you will need around 30-40 hours of work, carefully making sure the part fits nicely, mechanisms are free etc. You'll need some modelers tools such as small metric wrenches, drivers, tweezers and the like. Assembly is done page by page in the drawings book which has clear isometric views of the parts being assembled, the parts needed for each page are all in one packet. Many people (myself included) do one page per evening, and you can see your engine steadily grow day by day. I have made around 50 Aster loco kits and can give you experienced advice as you assemble your kit.

AM32-5XX Reefer, available in several liveries 

AST 107-XX British Railways 5MT 

Rio Grande C-18

AL97-371 N&W 4-8-4 J class #611, available in several liveries, in built up versions

R32-1 RCH 7 plank wagon, available in several liveries 

New in stock  - Lawley

S32-14X  Available in several liveries, in built up versions

New announcement - Mabel

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