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Future projects

The next joint venture engine will be the USRA Heavy Mikado and USRA Light Mikado. Mechanically the same as the original Aster light Mikado it will be available in several railroad liveries. More details will be announced in the future, with production and deliveries of kits possibly starting 3rd qtr 2018. This site will be updated as necessary.  

A page of illustrations, taken together with written instructions, guide you through each stage of assembly

The opened kit  showing the major parts in bubble wrap and smaller parts in boxes

The contents of a box - several packets of parts, each labelled for the individual pieces, and corresponding to a page in the illustrations

The kit, (pictures taken from a kit delivered to Sunset Valley Railroad).

For those who have built Aster kits before, the new kits are identical to the old. Same instructions, same way of packaging parts etc.

For those who want to build a kit for the first time, this is a very satisfying project to build. All parts are finished, painted, holes drilled and tapped, so it is just a matter of assembly. Having said that, you will need around 30-40 hours of work, carefully making sure the part fits nicely, mechanisms are free etc. You'll need some modelers tools such as small metric wrenches, drivers, tweezers and the like. Assembly is done page by page in the drawings book which has clear isometric views of the parts being assembled, the parts needed for each page are all in one packet. Many people (myself included) do one page per evening, and you can see your engine steadily grow day by day. Timing the valves is also easy, and I'll show you how to do it simply as the instructions for that part can seem a little technical and daunting. 

Sunset Valley is  a preferred dealer for the new range of Aster/Accucraft joint venture locomotives, and will assist you technically if you choose to buy and assemble a kit

USA and Canadian sales only.

The 9F kits listed below are IN STOCK

                                                                   BR Standard class 9F

                                       (Aster/Accucraft joint venture)

The British Railways BR Standard Class 9F 2-10-0 was designed for British Railways by Robert Riddles for use on fast, heavy freight trains over long distances. The total number built was 251. The last of the class, 92220 ‘Evening Star’, was the final steam locomotive to be built by British Railways, in 1960. Withdrawals began in 1964, with the final locomotives removed from service in 1968. Several examples have survived into the preservation.

This is the first co-operative project between Aster Hobby Co. Inc. (Japan) and Accucraft Trains (USA). Aster’s experience and expertise in producing the finest kit models has been combined with Accucraft’s component manufacturing and production skills to produce the Aster / Accucraft BR 9F. This model is offered in both kit form and as a fully assembled, ready to run model. As a kit, the components are fully painted and detailed, all machining is done, and the boiler is fully assembled and pressure tested, the same as Aster regular practice. All the screws, nuts, O rings, Rulon piston rings, ceramic sheet, machining of the critical phospher bronze cylinder blocks and any precision sheet metal parts are sourced from Japan from the regular Aster suppliers. The instruction and assembly manuals are the same as the original Aster model.

If you buy a factory ready to run loco from Sunset Valley then Accucraft will build one from a kit, we can advise on delivery time. If you buy a kit from Sunset Valley we will guide you through the assembly process. We can also build the loco from a kit for you if you prefer (we have extensive experience in building Aster kits). Initially 100 kits have been made and are available, with an option for a further 50 if demand warrants it.

Scale 1:32 running on 45mm gauge track. Minimum radius 2m (6' 6"). Length 25 2", width 3.43:, height 4.92". Walchaerts valve gear with piston valves, Alcohol fired, C type boiler, displacement lubricator. Cab controls include regulator, blower, draincocks, pressure gauge, water sight glass and blow down valve. Both axle pump and tender hand pump are fitted. The alcohol tank is removable.


9F kit $4475, Factory built $6500, Sunset Valley built $6300

The video below shows the engine at high speed pulling 8 coaches on the Sunset Valley Railroad. Kit built by Peter Comley