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Garden railway items wanted

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​​1:32 scale 2 bay hoppers, must be brass (e.g. Korean etc.) , road name not important. Will buy up to 12 cars. YG032421.

​Accucraft streamlined UP yellow baggage cars (JJ081318 book)

Accucraft streamlined UP yellow car set or individual (AP92718)

​Samhongsa gauge 1 brass cab forward, silver front (BG110118)​​

Aster SNCF U-1. (RW030119)

Aster Spam Can kit only (not rtr) (RY 042820)

Aster UP Challenger, UP FEF, BR44 and BR52. (RH 020922)

Accucraft Allegheny (MC 100522)

Aster Flying Scotsman, kit built, air tested but not steamed, so in new condition. Complete with manuals, box etc. (DH030320)  $5800

Garden railway classified Ads

SVRR is pleased to post  garden railway items below on behalf of folks who have equipment to sell (5% commission charged). Most of the items below run on 45mm gauge track, (commonly called G gauge). Pictures, descriptions, details, and comments regarding the items listed have been provided by the seller, not SVRR. SVRR LLC has neither inspected nor tested any of the items,  makes no recommendations or warranty and is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any of the items listed. If you are interested in any item, please contact Sunset Valley Railroad by email, who will forward it to the actual seller. You would discuss the item with the seller and buy directly from them.

If you'd like to post an item on the site, please forward a picture, description and price to us.

20 USA Trains (1/29scale)C&O 70 ton coal hoppers for sale.
Purchased new in 2003 and hardly ever used and have no damage.
Have all original boxes in like new condition.
All cars have metal wheels and original  dummy coal loads.
Kadee body mounted couplers. (The original truck mounted hook/loop couplers are included and can be re-attached by turning the trucks 180degrees).
Original packing is 4 hoppers per carton.
Will sell only per carton of
4 cars for $ 340.- , or all five cartons of 4 cars each for $1700.- plus shipping / ins.


Live steam powered tugboat, Taurus, 36" long x 9" wide x18" high, about 1:32 scale. Handcrafted, planked wood hull, nicely detailed and of high quality construction throughout. Steam plant MJ29Tow 2 cylinder with butane gas fired boiler. A P5 steam controlled gas regulator is fitted to prevent overfiring and waste of steam. Gas tank included. Condensate/steamoil collector (snot catcher!) on exhaust line. Also includes working whistle. All in new condition except for testing.   Spectrum DX6 6 channel r/c control with 4 channels connected for regulator, forward/reverse, rudder and whistle. Individual item value $3100. Offered at  $2,500. 

Halfway to Heaven book of the Darjeeling Railway by Terry Martin. This is one of the limited edition books, # 1506 of 2000. Very good condition. (JM 021521) $350.00.   

5) Rio Grande Narrow Gauge - The Final Years Alamosa to Chama.  By Hereford &  Robart.  Paperback.  Good condition, 112 pgs.  $25 GS080221

3)  Narrow Gauge Pictorial Vol 2. 192 pgs. Paperback. Good condition. $25. GS080221

Fine Arts Models Jersey Central Camelback locomotive and tender. In new condition, has not been displayed but kept in box (BW120411) $5,500

1)  George Beam + D&RG Volumes 1 and 2. by Jackson C. Thode.  Images from the Rio Grande's official photographer with descriptions about each photo.  Excellent condition hardcover with plastic protective cover.  280 pages each.  $25 for each volume or $45 for both.  GS 080221

 Hornby O gauge clockwork (windup) LNER 4-4-2 engine  (DS)   $190.00 

2) A Century + 10 of D&RGW Narrow Gauge Freight Cars, 1971 - 1981 by Robert Sloan.  Signed by author. Spiral bound. Good condition. $75. GS 080221

 Hornby O gauge clockwork (windup) GWR 4-4-2 engine and two GWR coaches, with windup key (DS)   $390.00 

 Gary Raymond wheels, type F26 RDL, 26" wheel in 1:20.3 scale, dual ball bearings. (GS 100619)   $50.00 for four axles

Aster 5MT, green, 2nd run; original owner; ran once; includes original box and assembly manuals (DN 012223; $3,500. 

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Locomotive lamp. Origin unknown, plate on lamp inscribed "Locomotive light #323 Newcastle England 1931". Has not been lit. (GS102419)    $500.00 

Accucraft 1:32 scale Streamliner set of 9 coaches, Canadian Pacific. Only run once, so as new condition, in original boxes.  (JG 121522) $1500 for all 9, or $175 each

Aster 241P; 4 cylinder locomotive. It was reworked by Triple R Services. It runs very well, and was run twice. Original owner with original packaging and instruction manual. (DN 032822) $14,500.

J&M, a set of 5 J&M Rheingold cars; used; excellent condition; includes original box (DN 012223); $5,500.

6) Vanishing Varnish by Gregory LePak - signed by author #866 of 2000 limited edition - Excellent condition, 256 pgs.  $80 GS080221

4)  Narrow Gauge Pictorial Vol. 9. 160 pgs. Paperback. Good condition. $25. GS080221

 Hornby O gauge LMS bogie goods van  (DS)   $40.00