Sunset Valley Railroad

Roundhouse Diesel outline locos. Electric motors, supplied with NiMh batteries

"Bertie"  A Roundhouse's basic series


"Harlech Castle


The Darjeeling class B, still running on the Darjeeling Himalaya Railway



The Darjeeling class D

The Davenport, a US style tank loco.

The Ffestiniogg Railway double Fairlie, still running today in Wales

Darjeeling NDM-6





"Lady Anne"

The Leek and Manifold from a small railway in the UK 


"Silver Lady"

The Darjeeling class C

"Sammie"  A Roundhouse's basic series

The Sandy River and Rangely Lakes #24 from Maine 



Sunset Valley is pleased to represent Roundhouse Engineering in the UK who have an enviable reputation for quality small scale steam locomotives. They are butane fired and available in 45 or 32mm gauge. Many are available with r/c control. Most locos have a defined delivery schedule, usually around 6-9 months. Price is dependent somewhat on the UK/USA exchange rate and is charged at the going rate upon delivery. Here is some of their range. Please call Pete at 414-333-5897 for the current production schedule, and to book an order. We offer a discount from the advertised price, and help with your order. You pay in US dollars, we do all the rest.