Accucraft Flying Scotsman. Never fired up. Taken out of original box for pictures only. Gauge one. Everything present from the factory. Factory built. Absolutely beautiful. Plenty of additional pictures. ( FG 110317) $3850

Aster Union Pacific Challenger 3985, 4-6-6-4, 4 cylinder, 1/32 scale, Gauge 1, factory built RTR # 94 of 100.
Optional smoke deflectors included but not installed.  This engine is new.  It has never been steamed.
It went from the box to a covered display.  The Aster quality is outstanding.  Original Aster shipping carton,
manual, drawings, tools, wicks, touch-up paint etc included.  (AH 032217)  
$12,250 USD.

Aster, 4 cylinders, 4-6-2, Duchess of Atholl, LMS Princess Coronation Class Pacific.  Factory built RTR # 53 of 100 built.

The Duchess was steamed twice and then retired to a covered display.  The Duchess is in pristine condition and runs as an Aster RTR should.

Aster shipping box, manual, drawings and  toolkit all included.

(AH 032017)

 Asking $6400 USD

3 Marklin Passenger cars. The 2 carriages have Marklin screw couplers attached, the Brake Van has regular couplers.  (JG 121314) $275 ea, or $750 for all three

Aster C11 2-6-4 tank loco (Ref AB 030112) $2500

Aster C&N Climax. Model has been on display only. (JH 061712) $2000

Aster PLM 231 in very good condition, never been steamed, no box. (JD 082612)  $3800

Aster Flying Scotsman. This loco is actually a conversion from an Aster A4 (Mallard) engine, expertly made by David Baker to the 1924 version, which differs in several details from the regular Aster Flying Scotsman. (JD 090312)  $6500

Aster Ouest 0-6-0 tank engine. Run just a little, paintwork in good condition. (JD 090312)   $1300

Aster Flying Scotsman, kit built, air tested but not steamed, so in new condition. Complete with manuals, box etc. (Right front splasher filler missing, needs spare from factory). (DH060812)  $5800

Aster JNR passenger car. Appears not to have been run, or run very little. (AB120712)  $1200

Garden railway supermarket

SVRR is pleased to post new and pre-owned good quality garden railway items below on behalf of folks who have equipment to sell. If you are interested in any item, please contact Sunset Valley Railroad, who will put you in touch with the seller. You would buy directly from them. Most of the items below are Gauge 1 (45mm), commonly called G gauge size. If you'd like to post an item on the site, please forward a picture, description and price to us.  Sunset Valley Railroad LLC is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any of the items listed.

Accucraft Streamliner series coach, Union Pacific yellow observation car. New in box, unopened. (EB) $350

Barnhart Log Loader(1-22.5) built from a Hartford Prod. kit.  Very Rare Museum Quality Model that is no longer commercially available.  Kadee #1 couplers. The Log Loader sits on a built up kit model of the  Hartford Prod. Seattle Log and Foundry log car (1-22.5) ,which again, is no longer available. This log car is included in the price of the log loader. The log car is equipped with Kadee #1 couplers. Both the Loader and Log car are weathered. Moveable windows and doors on the Loader with full interior detailing, including logging figure in the Loader. Log car has appropriate metal wheels and trucks. See accompanying pictures of this beautiful model.

(WW 062817)  $1495.00

Jersey Central T-38 Camelback 4-6-0 - N 774, As Retired - Electric. Scale 1:32. All brass, nickel silver and stainless steel construction. 1 of 40 produced by Fine art models. Engine and tender measure 25"L x 4"W x 6.6"H. A wooden storage box and a Black Walnut base with dust cover are included. . More details can be found at Mint condition. (PP121010). $6,000

Pennsylvania Railroad T1 4-4-4-4 - As Built - Electric. All brass, nickel silver and stainless steel construction. 1 of 50 produced by Fine Art Models. The model measures 47"L x 4"W x 6"H. This is an incredible reproduction of a magnificent piece of railroad history. Exact in every detail. A finely crafted wooden storage box is included with the engine as well as a Black Walnut roller base and glass dust cover. Also included is a Raymond Lowery limited edition framed print of the T1 and an original PRR calander featuring the T1. More can be found at Mint condition. (PP121010). $11,000

Sunset Valley Railroad LLC

Garden railway items wanted

If you are looking for a particular item, you can place a wanted ad for free here


Aster Daylight (BG 1007121)

BR 96/Bavarian GT 2x4/4 Mallet (WT020113)

Aster Grasshopper (JJ 112414Book)

Aster Rebuilt Merchant Navy, kit prefered (RG 110216)

Aster Stirling Single (GD 072317book)

​ASter Pannier tank, any livery (JT 072317book)

Pennsylvania Railroad M1a 4-8-2 - Passenger edition - Electric. Scale 1:32. All brass, nickel silver and stainless steel construction. 1 of 40 produced by Fine art models. Model size is 40"L x 4"W x 6"H. It comes with the original wooden box and Black Walnut base with cover. Museum quality and exacting detail are what make these models stand alone. More details can be found at Mint condition. (PP121010). $8,500

Fine Arts Models Jersey Central Camelback locomotive and tender. In new condition, has not been displayed but kept in box (BW120411) $5,500

Carter Bros. Center Stake Flat Car (1-20.3 scale) built up from a Hartford Prod. kit. Museum Quality Model. Car is weathered and has Kadee #1  scale couplers installed. (WW062917) Price $129.00

Aster K4 mint condition and appears to have never been run. Has original crate and manuals. (PP101017) USD 5500

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Donnerbuchsen passenger and baggage cars, made by Huebner. Excellent condition, no broken or missing parts, no scratches.  (AH122614)  $370. each

New York Central J3a Hudson 4-6-4  Conventional -  Electric. All brass, nickel silver and stainless steel construction. 1 of 70 produced by Fine Art Models. The model measures 36"L x 4"W x 5.5"H. The Hudson features a patented sound system and ball bearings used at every point in the drive-line. Complete backhead detail is present with miniature gauges. Every hatch or door that opens on the real locomotive also opens on this model. A finely crafted wooden storage box is included with the engine as well as a Black Walnut base and glass dust cover. . More details can be found at Mint condition. (PP121010  $9,500 

Accucraft  7/8ths Decauville. Test run only. Upgraded gas tank and added insulation added by Accucraft USA. Includes added Goodall valve and original gas tank. (JT 080317) $1,650 plus shipping.

Hobart Estates Logging Caboose (1-20.3 scale) built from a Hartford Prod. kit. Museum Quality Model. Caboose is weathered. Link and pin couplers are installed but car also is set up to accept Kadee#1 scale couplers included with the caboose. Caar has a detailed interior, including a logging figure in the caboose. Re-moveable roof to access the interior. Car has Hartford Prod. metal wheel sets and truck.(WW062917) Price $249.00

South Pacific Coast Box Cars (1-20.3) built up from a John Clark kit . Very rare, Museum Quality Model as the kit was offered on the market for only a very short period of time. Both cars feature interior car bracing. Both are weathered and one is lettered or the SPC and the oother foe my own road ,WM&T. Kadee #1 scale couplers are installed on both cars. (WW 062917) Price : $249.00

A rare and sought after Fulgerex 8 liter Bentley Le Mans.The model is 1:12 scale, about 15" long, beautifully detailed (note the delicate wire wheels), with leather seats. The hood opens to reveal the engine. Working steering and suspension, doors etc. These models have been recently auctioned at around $5000. Includes laminated certificate, serial 12776, and glass case with mirrored base. More photos available on request GS$4500

 3” scale Burrell Steam Traction engine.  This is an English style tractor the castings for which were made by  Plastow Traction Engines.   The tractor is about 29” tall, runs perfectly on compressed air, is designed to be coal fired, and weighs about 300 lbs.  It is about 95+% complete.  The only machining yet remaining is the injector and two check valves. All of the drawings for the complete model on 19 large sheets well as a hard cover book which describes the steps for the machining and assembly of the tractor are supplied.  All of the machining is of the highest quality.   The price is $15,000.00 FOB Naperville, IL. (FM122115)

Pennsylvania Railroad B6sb 0-6-0  Electric. Scale 1:32. All brass, nickel silver and stainless steel construction. 1 of 30 produced by Fine art models. Model size is 32"L x 4"W x 6.5"H. This engine has an incredible sound system with digital, authenticity of �every� sound made by the locomotive, operating reversing gear, engineer controlled lighting, whistle, bell, and, with the sealed bearing drive system, only one ampere of power to move it) into the little B6sb locomotive. There are three circuit boards, sound board, speaker, and reversing gear � all with no wires leading from the locomotive to tender - just the prototypical hoses. A beautiful Back Walnut base with glass cover is included. Mint condition. (PP121010) $5,500

Aster BR03. Factory built, only steamed once on test bed. Brand new condition. Complete with original box (serial # 245), Aster fan, conversion kit with smoke deflectors and test bed as shown   $4950  (JW100116)

5  additional Hartford Prod. built up Seattle Log and Foundry cars are available for sale. Museum Quality Models, featuring full details  and equipped with the appropriate metal wheels and trucks. Kadee #1 scale couplers are installed. Each of the cars are weathered a little differently, showing cars as newly delivered from the builder to cars showing their age. No lettering on cars. Price- $ 149.00 each. Will sell cars for $ 129.00 each if you purchase all 5 cars and will sell cars for $ 100.00 each if you purchase them along with the Log Loader.


Aster Pennsylvania K4.  Carefully made from a kit, hand notes made on each instruction, serial  #104. The engine has never been steamed. It runs nicely on an air test at 15psi, although the whistle valve is presently stuck open. Original wood box, instruction manual and drawings, coal load etc. all included. (RK 051117)  $5,500 USD.

Carter Bros. Flat Cars (1-20.3 scale) built up  from a Hartford Prod.kit.  Museum Quality Cars. Cars are weathered and have Kadee #1 scale couplers. One of the cars is lettered for my the WM&T and the other car is not lettered.(WW062917) Price each  $129.00