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Sunset Valley Railroad LLC

Sunset Valley Railroad is a comprehensive model railroad track system in 45mm ( commonly called G gauge), 32mm (O gauge) and dual gauge using code 250 rail (1/4" inch high), used primarily for garden layouts. We make track, switches and a pneumatic switch operating system.  We are also dealers for Accucraft, Accucraft/Aster and Roundhouse engines. Please click on  the tabs below for more details. 



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Contact Pete Comley at 206-396-2756 or

Please note:- ​As of May1 2022 our credit card processing company doubled their processing fee to 4.2%, and so reluctantly we will charge 3% on your invoice and absorb the rest.

                                                             Important announcement.

Pete Comley, the owner of Sunset Valley Railroad, will be retiring after 18 years. The business is up for sale. If you are interested in taking over Sunset Valley, please contact Pete. It's a small but profitable business, a lot of fun to operate, with a good customer base, and it only takes a few hours per week to run.

 Customer layouts using Sunset Valley track and switches

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